Background/Bio/how I came to be in this place

I find it difficult to write about myself, rather letting the words of my work carry what is in my heart.   As an attempt at biography, suffice to say I grew up in the country in the state of North Carolina in the United States.  The work was hard, the existence isolated, but I was able to listen to the quiet whispers of the deep woods, smell honeysuckle in the summertime and turn my face up at night to more stars than my eyes could hold.  Forced introspection gave rise to imagination, for what we do not have we often invent in fantasy and live part of our lives in dreams.  In addition, all of the members of my family are strong bibliophiles, which was a gift without measure given early on.  I strive to do justice for the magic of the written word.


2 thoughts on “Background/Bio/how I came to be in this place

  1. Hi, I came to your blog through GWG. You say that you find it difficult to write about yourself. How did you find the experience of running this blog and publishing chapter of your book? Was it helpful to you personally? In developping the plot? In getting the book published? would love to know your thoughts. Many thanks, Lesley

    • Hello, sorry it took so long for me to respond. I do find it difficult to write about myself, but pushing ‘myself’ I feel is secondary to creating good work. The experience of the blog very helpful to finishing my book in that it was either the 5th or the 6th revision that I put on the blog and there was a bit of ‘drifting in the doldrums’ going on. The plot(s) were pretty well set by that time. Putting the chapters on my blog reinforced the truth that we writers write for our readers, that the reason we put these bits of our dreams and imaginings on paper (or computer text) for them to enjoy. Their enjoyment is a great driver. Thank you so much for your interest and I hope you read and enjoy.


      Bob Byrd

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