Memorial Day

Obvious topic, I know. I have a great reverence for those of our armed services who are remembered on this day, those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for us. The original name was ‘Decoration Day’, a day of remembrance for those on both sides who gave their lives in the War Between the States, but has expanded to take in all that have died in wartime in the service of their country. There are all sorts of memorial television shows, stores are shamelessly advertising sales and TCM is certainly doing its part by showing all the war movies known to man, but to me, the best remembrance is quiet, the placing of flags on graves, the moment of silence where we close our eyes, bow our heads and hold memories close of our loved ones who are no longer with us. This makes Memorial Day a private thing. The Great War has passed from living memory and as World War II slowly does the same, let us remember them, hold them dear. As long as we do that, they are and shall remain, immortal.



One thought on “Memorial Day

  1. Dear Bob,

    Wonderful words and important thoughts. Thank you for expressing them so very eloquently.

    By the way, we miss you!


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