Chapter 92 – The Trick is Played

Finally Jamie and Ned play the trick.  I won’t spoil it by telling you what happens here.  Still a few more chapters after this and I’m still working hard for you.  Enjoy.


Chapter 91

Another single, albeit more rapidly than before.  Just a few more chapters now and I’m chugging right along to the finish.  Take care and enjoy.

Chapter 90

A single this time, sometimes writing goes quickly, sometimes not.  Either way I’m working hard to finish.  Just a few more chapters to go, so I hope if you’ve stuck with the story this far you’ll want to see what happens.  Thanks for reading.

Chapters 83 and 84

Another double.  Sometimes work goes well and I like to take advantage of that when I can.  I’m working hard to entertain and hope you have a good time reading my little scribbles.  Thanks for coming here.  Enjoy.